e.T. Advertisement Catalogue #1 (SOLD OUT)

Throw away your Sears Catalogue!
Toss out your petty collection of high gloss fashion ads!
Here it is, the premier Catalogue for Summer 2009.

E.T. Advertisement Catalogue #1.

The only Catalogue you need.
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"Simply the most satisfying Ads available"

"Before, i could only see in color, but now i can read the best available ads in color also."

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"Once you see it, you'll know it. You'll know you've made the right decision."

Showcasing two new titles in our EntertainmenT line of books:
"the Blue Hand" and "I was Sprayed by the Electric Web."

Product Specs. include: 16 full color screen printed pages, a full color screen printed cover (limited variant copies available, standard cover shown above). in an edition of 133.

yours for $7 postage paid in USA

or $9 postage paid in the world

Expect the Best.