(Sold Out) Educational Tapes 002: BITCH RAT "Taste the Whip/This Time You Die"

If you thought you saw witch hat this summer, you actually saw Bitch Rat. Ha Ha Ha, the jokes on YOU!!!
take a trip with us back to middle school, we'll teach you how to chug in more ways than one. Ha Ha, play this tape loud and only when your parents are in ear shot, trust me it works magic! the first side "taste the whip" will leave your flesh blistered, and ready for the berating you'll get from the second side "this time you die." Educational Tapes is proud to present this deluxe document of Bitch Rat, never to be seen or heard again. This release includes a silk screened chipboard slip-case, 16 page xeroxed booklet, and 62 minutes of nu hat. Featuring those top 40 hits:

"Hell Yeah"
"Blood Queen"
"Diesel Power" and
"Problem Child"

strict edition of 50 copies.
Sold Out