(Sold Out) Educational Tapes 001: LLORT3 "Poop Shoot Riot/Hard Corps."

whether you liked or didn't like LLORT #1, you will like LLORT3, trust me. Take a ride with a ghoulies band, let them show you the ends and outs of your toilet. heh heh, then they'll drop you off at the local foam party, where you can suck on glow sticks and stew in the dirtiest techno you've ever heard. Educational Tapes presents LLORT3, Deluxe packaging includes screen printed chipboard slip-case, with a 16 page booklet screenprinted in brown ink! with a 62minute cassette.
This tape features those irresistable hits like:

"Spray Me Down" and
"Ghoulies 3 (my armpits smell like paint)"

real sticky and strictly limited to 50 copies.
Sold Out